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Serious Money In Dating

Online dating site Zoosk is announcing some impressive revenue numbers this morning, reporting that the startup has grown its annual sales run rate approximately 250% in 2010 to more than $90 million. That's up from $20 million in revenue in 2009.

Meeting People By Accident

An Italian guy had an unusual dating technique - disconnected the brake lights on his car; when saw a pretty woman behind him he wd brake suddenly; woman would drive into him, become very apologetic and he'd take it from there. He had several cars, all of which continually being repaired by panelbeater friends - eventually caught out after 10 years when 2 women compared notes

Indian guys random dialling cell ph nos in hope of striking up romantic engagement. "I am talking to you madam but my body is shaking." Ph recharging outlets selling numbers of 'beautiful girls' for 500 rupees and 'ordinary' ones for 50. Some women happy with ph romances bc guy is forced to listen to her for long stretches.

Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker said that when she first moved to New York as a young woman, she was so desperate she put a MEN sign on her office door.

Special Interest Group Dating

Internet dating service for tall women - US army guy who, it transpired, had proposed to 50 women on the site even though he was only 5'8" high - when he couldn't postpone meeting, he'd tell them he'd been on a lot of parachute jumps which had shortened his spine.

Drive By Dating

Commuters can buy cards to use as hold-up messages for other drivers "Nice Smile!" "What's your phone number?"

Un - Dating

New York drop-dead phone line - you give the number to someone and when they call they hear "The person who gave you this number does not wish to speak to you ever again"

Products Can Get You A Girl (Well that's what the ad said)

A luckless romeo has sued cosmetics firm Lynx after he failed to land a girlfriend during seven years of using their products. Indian Vaibhav Bedi, 26, is seeking £50,000 from parent company Unilever for the "depression and psychological damage" caused by the lack of any Lynx effect.

Different dating strategies: for long term, both M and F value intelligence, honesty and kindnaess. But for a quick fling, sex difference. men value appearance, youth and variety. Women not just looks but status and resources.

Eye Contact and Dating

The longer a man's gaze rests on a woman when they meet for the first time, the more interested he is. If it last just four seconds, he may not be all that impressed. But if it breaks the 8.2 second barrier, he could already be in love they say. However the same is not true for women. They let their eyes linger on men for the same length of time whether they find them attractive or not.

Deciding about Dating

Snapshot of the decision-making center of a twentysomething's mind at a dinner party: "The girl sitting next to Chris is friendly, and she's a politics geek, just like me. But there's that speed-dating thing at the brewery next week, plus I haven't written back to that blonde I met online last Thursday...."
Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology at Swarthmore, has shown how gluts of products paralyze consumers, and he's convinced that dating overload can similarly hamstring singles. "The temptation to not choose is great in a world where there is a large number of options," Schwartz says. He advises shoppers to settle on "good enough" purchases, but finds it much harder to convince singles to apply the strategy to their love lives. "People think they need to find the absolute 'best' romantic partner for them," Schwartz says. "But I believe that making a commitment is an act of faith. If you wait until you're sure, you'll die alone."

Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17-year-old girl (Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss) when he was 39 years old. (He had over 40 failed relationships on "Seinfeld")

In some ways we are like animals:
Even human males provide their females with food as a prelude to sex: Sheila Sullivan's 2000 literary survey Falling In Love, showed that 98% of seduction scenes in fiction were preceded by a meal. (So is this circular - do authors write about it because it's common practice, or do men do it because thats what they are told in all the books (and presumably films etc).
And some ways not:
When dogs meet they quite happily assess the new guy's sexual status by sniffing each other's bum. For some reason, this is not regarded as a good chat-up strategy by humans - instead, when we meet someone we fancy, we adopt a strange tactic of feigning disinterest, apparently in interests of playing it cool

Unique smelling point Your body odour is so distinctively individual that it may be used to identify you in future as a sort of fragrant fingerprint, predict scientists at Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia. Their laboratory studies indicate that your body's underlying signature smell, or 'odourprint', is not only unique to you, but it also defies being masked by smelly diets that are heavy in garlic and spices, says a report in the science journal PLoS One. Jae Kwak, the lead author, says that humans' unique genetically determined 'odourprints' may have evolved so that we could identify each other. It is well known that smell is the sense most closely linked to memory formation. It also plays a strong role in emotional bonding. Kwak's laboratory tests show that even eating huge amounts of garlic can't mask the signature of the volatile organic compounds that you dispel into the air around you. He adds that this finding may open the possibility that devices such as electronic sensors can be developed to detect individual odourprints in humans.

Deciding about Dating

Would you rather date someone who dumped his or her last partner or someone who was the dumpee? For an article in Evolutionary Psychology, Christine Stanik, Robert Kurzban and Phoebe Ellsworth found that men will give a woman a lower rating when they learn that she dumped her last boyfriend, perhaps fearing they will be next. But women rated men more highly when they learned that they had done the dumping, perhaps seeing it as a sign of desirability.

Lazy Men's Dating

Newspaper article about guys who date pregnant women (cue old joke about guy who was so lazy that he only dated pregnant women) - The Knight in Shining Armor rescuing the Damsel in Distress - usually have the whole scenario mapped out in their heads - the station wagon, the labrador, the white picket fence etc - unfortunately also tend to think along the lines of "You should be eternally grateful blah blah "

Dating Tips

He has some wonderfully frank advice for finding that man. Gold diggers need to play it cool. "If you want to snare a rich man, irrespective of what he's like, look good and speak well," he said. "Not a plummy accent, but not a cor blimey one either. "Don't be on that scene at bloody Annabel's. Go to the right places. Dinner parties. Charities. Meet the right people. Art galleries, Sotheby's. Always look very cool with an air of total confidence - not unapproachable or snooty, smart, have a good job. Slimness is the name of the game. Rubenesque hasn't been in since the 17th century."

The worst move you can make with a guy is to an issue an ultimatum. They cause incredible pressure and permanently damage the relationship. Any sort of ultimatum will do; telling a guy that you'll leave if he doesn't start doing the dishes, or that you'll leave if he doesn't start spending more time with you. Ultimatums make guys think that a relationship is on its last legs anyway, and they'll start looking for a way out or focusing on your flaws. Relationships will end fast, and they'll end in a fiery train wreck - not good for anybody. Plus, the act of issuing the ultimatum is often fairly self-centered.

Benjamin Franklin, Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress (1745). all your Amours you should prefer old Women to young ones. You call this a Paradox, and demand my Reasons. They are these: 2nd. - Because when Women cease to be handsome, they study to be good. To maintain their Influence over Men, they supply the Diminution of Beauty by an Augmentation of Utility. They learn to do a 1000 Services small and great... 8th and Lastly They are so grateful!!


Victims of online dating fraud have lost £27 million to fraudsters posing as soulmates, according to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and Get Safe Online who say that on average victims hand over &10,000. More than 2,700 crimes were reported between November 2014 and October 2015 but the true figure may be higher as victims are often too embarrassed to come forward.


With advent of Real Dolls/robot 'lovers' one group thought ideal GF was 36 inches high with a cup holder in top of her head.

Chat Up Lines

Contest to rate best chat up lines - some of the more novel
"How much does a polar bear weigh? Well it's enough to break the ice.. Hi my name's ..."
"Do you know the difference between sex and conversation? No:? Would you like to come back to my place for a chat?"
"I miss my teddy bear. Will you sleep with me?"
"I may not be the best looking guy here but I'm the only one talking to you"

One of the more unusual chat up lines (and I have no idea who the hell M Perry might be - some Pom or other) Matthew Perry says that he chats up girls in pretty frocks with the line: "I had to come up and talk to you because I have the same outfit." What a card.

And the responses: 'Come back to your place? I don't think two people would fit under a rock' 'Your place or mine? Let's do both. You go to your place and I'll go to mine.'

An older-and-wiser woman offered these warning signs to be wary of any man who suggests a)"Lets go back to your house" - don't let him near it b)"Let's cook dinner at your house" - he expects to be fed and bedded c)"Why don't you pick up the tickets d)"Why don't you pick up dinner on the way round?" e)"I'm in (your city) this week by myself" - he's married!

Woman reckoned you should always meet for first date at mini golf - 1) it's public 2) it's daylight 3) you've got a club in your hand

You need a script to move a person to outcome you want - Derren Brown convinced a guy that he wanted a BMX as birthday present. He actually told the guy that that was his method - instead of trying to figure out what people wanted for present, he'd buy something then convince the person that that was what they actually wanted. But he did it with a script, and while he was explaining to the guy he continually referred obliquely to a BMX bike - "I bike people gifts... BM or X-Box .... pumped up.....handlebars ... recycled..." all worked into the monologue. At end the guy was utterly convinced he wanted a red BMX (which was revealed when he opened the box in the room) and was absolutely disbelieving when pulled out his original note he'd hand-written before coming into room, in which he said he wanted a leather jacket

Universities often feature clever young men with ingenious ways of tracking down totty; in my day, a fellow student hit on the idea of taking photographs of topless female undergraduates as an ad campaign for a local boxer-shorts firm. Being a talented sort, he was persuasive. We were hand-painted - I was Yves Klein blue, if memory serves - and naked as worms except for a pair of Sloaney underpants. My friend Sharon and I were pleased to be chosen for this special photo session, on the grounds that what we were doing was art, not smut. We weren't entirely wrong - the artist is now a household name - but the fact remains, we were topless save for some pants. Being photographed in our pants was not an ambition either of us had cherished. It wasn't empowering, just cold and slightly sticky. Naturally, the artist got a girlfriend out of his photo session and the opportunity to shortlist her successors.

Mark Revill, 49, pleaded guilty in November to stalking the actor Keira Knightley. He said he had become frustrated that his flood of love letters was being ignored and so approached the front door of Knightley's London home and "meowed" through the letterbox.

New York study, random pairs of starngers. Blindfolded one, then other had to hold drinking straw between teeth (which makes voice sound funny) then perform series of tasks designed to make them laugh. eg blindfolded one had to learn dance steps from set instructions read out by partner. Control pairs did same tasks but without blindfolds or straws. Then asked how much fun they'd had - obviously blindfolded pairs much more. But also significantly higher ratings of attractiveness to partner (Quirkology)

Quote from a self-confessed lady killer "Women feel unheard and want to express themselves" So he'd bring up an emotionally charged topic (such as the dating scene itself) and let her vent. Early in evening he'd touch date to test her reaction - did she flinch or move in closer? If she moved away, she wasn't likely to go home with him, so he'd cut the date short to save time and money

Without overcomplicating matters, mathematical analysis suggests that you should survey the scene for 37 per cent of the way through the period that you have set yourself to find a partner. Supposing that you start dating at the age of 16 and aim to find the best partner by the time you reach 60, this would take you to about the age of 32. Then you must choose the next partner who beats all the people you've dated up to that point. It's not going to guarantee you success, but this strategy maximises your chances. Just be sure not to show the formula to your new spouse: it never looks good to be too calculating when it comes to love.

smart man + smart woman = romance
smart man + dumb woman = affair
dumb man + smart woman = marriage
dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy

Final option is to globalise - female equiv of men seeking Russian brides - import a big handsome 3rd worlder keen to improve lot - esp good news for the fat dumb and ugly women who can find a motivated young West African

Aust book Are We There Yet women complaining about how hard to find a socially acceptable guy, but guys just go off and buy a wife in Thailand etc so they don't care

Basic prob that modern feminism has emasculated most men - the few tomcats left around know their value so expect to share them around - bull dikes are only ones with healthy levels testosterone ("chicks who date women have more integrity than chicks dating men who pretend to be women")

Personal Ads and Internet Dating

London Review of Books started running personal ads very first one set the tone: "67 yo disaffiliated flaneur picking my way through the urban jungle ... jacked up on Viagra and looking for a contortionist who plays the trumpet"

Personal ads are dangerous - you have to sort out ones who are lying from the ones who are hallucinating

Should always post photo - pref sober and unarmed set up to get round problem that when you meet an Internet date in flesh they turn out to be less clever and good looking than appear in profile, a bit sad, and you can see why they are single. So WooMe sets up speed dating via web cam - 1 minute 1 on 1 with potential partner - if both agree, pay a £1 fee to get contact details - 1 minute enough to get pretty good idea - can't hide behind a manufactured profile

Internet dating - women fall for the guy with the cleverest 'chat up lines' - most women get inundated with potential dates and really only way to distinguish between them is by what they write (given that profiles are uniformally sanitised). Problem is that they quickly form emotional attachments to people before they even meet them; then when they meet and they're not really the way you'd pictured them, you already made an emotional investment, so you start going out anyway, and it all ends in tears

People advertising for love interests via online dating sites have apparently become picky about how they describe their sexuality. To the usuals (male, female, gay, heterosexual) have been added recently (as reported by NPR in December after surveying "asexual," "androgynous," "genderqueer" (evidently not the same as "gay"), "queer" (not quite "gay," either), "questioning," "trans man," "transsexual," "transmasculine," "heteroflexible," and the NPR reporter's favorite, "sapiosexual" (turned on by "intelligence"). Still, some users of the site found the choices inadequate. One young woman described her sexual orientation as "squiggly," and the reporter cited others who thought highly of that term.

For all you pathetic losers who are desperate enough to resort to online dating sites, here's a handy guide to translating the ads: (you're welcome)

Adventurer.............................Slept with all your friends
Athletic..................................No tits
Average looking......................Has a face like a basset hound
Beautiful................................Pathological liar
Contagious Smile....................Does a lot of Ecstasy
Educated................................Banged her Political Science professor
Emotionally Secure.................Medicated
Feminist..................................Fat ballbuster
Free spirit...............................Junkie
Friendship first.......................Trying to live down reputation as a slut
Good Listener........................Borderline Autistic
New-Age...............................All body hair, all the time
Old-fashioned........................Lights out, missionary position only, no BJs
Outgoing................................Loud and Embarrassing
Passionate..............................Sloppy drunk
Poet.......................................Depressive Schizophrenic
Professional............................Certified ****
Redhead.................................Bad dye-job
Reubenesque...........................Grossly Fat
Romantic................................Looks better by candle light
Sarcastic.................................Bitter and vapid
Social.....................................Has been passed around like an hors d'oeuvres tray
Voluptuous.............................Very Fat
Height/weight proportional.......Hugely Fat
Wants Soulmate......................Stalker
Widow.....................................Drove first husband to shoot himself
Young at heart. .......................Old bat

British entrepreneur Howard James, who runs several online dating sites, opened another in August to worldwide attention (and, allegedly, thousands of sign-ups in the first five days): dates for ugly people. James said new members (accepted from the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Ireland) will have their photos vetted to keep out "attractive" people. (Based on the web pages available at press time, the photo-evaluation process is working well.)

Fat People Dating

Weight is only a sexual hindrance to heterosexual fat dudes. Fat chicks can get laid any time of the day or night anywhere in the world, don't let the media fool you. Fat guys, however, particularly ones with no money, they are pretty much doomed. There are no female chubby-chasers, no ladies longing to hunt for a lost penis amidst folds of hairy adipose tissue. They are stuck not getting any until the end of their days which (mercifully) will likely come before age 50. Now, a desire to be freed from the bonds of your virginity, particularly after some humiliating crisis has forced you to take stock of your life, may motivate you to get fit. You will need to have sex and like it, however, to make it into a lifelong habit. If it never feels worth it, or if your girlfriend has no issues with you developing a gut and hips, you will fall back into your old fat ways after awhile.

Legal Issues With Dating

In September 1992 in Chicago, Frank D. Zeffere III filed a lawsuit for $40,000 in lost dating expenses against a woman who had broken off their engagement. However, Zeffere, who is a lawyer, wrote her an offer of an out-of-court settlement, beginning with "I am still willing to marry you on the conditions hereinbelow set forth" and ending, "Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the matters addressed herein. Sincerely, Frank."

On Line Dating

Advantages -- 1) you can meet women without taking a shower
2) you can filter out the geographically undesirable ones
3) If their ad says they want "generous" move to the next one
4) you can talk to them while watching the game on tv at the same time
5) you can skip over such irrelevancies as "honest" and "sincere" and "being a nice person" and move straight to the photograph
6) you don't have to look as if you're listening to what they're saying

Disadvantages -- 1) the photos never convey how they look
2) if they have odors you find out the hard way
3) you have to read between the lines e.g. if they say they're between jobs you'll be doing the paying but get around this by meeting in a book store not a restaurant. Then if she looks bad keep reading and always have a way of being beeped so you can duck out of it all with some "emergency"


Five years after News of the Weird mentioned it, Japan's "Love Plus" virtual-girlfriend app is more popular than ever, serving a growing segment of the country's lonely males--those beyond peak marital years and resigned to artificial "relationships." "Love Plus" models (Rinko, Manaka, and Nene) are chosen mostly (and surprisingly) not for physical attributes, but for flirting and companionship. One user described his "girlfriend" (in a September Time magazine dispatch) as "someone to say good morning to in the morning and . . . goodnight to at night." Said a Swedish observer, "You wouldn't see [this phenomenon] in Europe or America." One problem: Men can get stuck in a "love loop" waiting for the next app update--with, they hope, more "features."

Odette Delacroix," 25, of North Hollywood, Calif., is a petite (86-lb.) model who runs an adult fetish website in which people (i.e., men) pay to watch her tumble around, bikini-clad, with "plus-size" models squashing and nearly suffocating her, up to five at a time in "pigpiles." "Odette" told London's edition of Cosmopolitan that her PetiteVsPlump website has so far earned her about $100,000.

Speed Dating

Suggest should try blindfold Speed Dating to overcome prejudices about appearance.

Combined weight loss clinic and dating agency on basis that people tend to choose partners of similar weight and attractiveness to themselves

People also bond better if they accomplish a task together - so cooking classes or dancing

Repeated exposure creates feeling of trust and safety

Speed dating scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where woman's breast pops out while chatting - who the hell knows what she was saying

Musical Lessons On Dating

Broadway musical "I Love You, You're Perfect. Now Change"

Movies and Dating

Watching romantic movies ruins your love life - unrealistic expectations of what's available, and especially the happy ending

Dating Decision Making

Love affairs are the only major decision we make at a dark noisy party where you've already had a bit to drink. Few months down the line he turns out to be a lazy lying boor: she turns out to have a gold medal in nagging. Perhaps you should be forced to provide references.

Personal Columns

Spike Milligan reckoned he once put an ad in Private Eye personal column saying he wanted to meet a rich, well insured widow with a view to murdering her and got 48 replies

Dating Revenge as revenge site for women to post gory details about guys who've disappointed them - name-and-shame trend continues

Dating and Marriage

Dating's a bit like marriage - you go out for evening, maybe to a restaurant, have a few drinks then go to bed - only difference is, on a date the guy will expect to have sex with you

Lighter Conversation Starters about Dating

Better to be looked over than overlooked
Never talk to strangers (unless you're stranger than them)
Try a fat girl - just give her a slap then ride in on the waves
If no good man is on offer, take a bad one. Or two.
A maid who laughs is half won
Never let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you
Try an old girl - they don't yell, they don't tell - and they're ever so grateful

"Ever tried to redeem on of those 'Good For One Back Massage' couponsfrom a woman 15 years after you've broken up with her? AWKWARD!" (Wierd Al)

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