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Resources for Speakers - Anecdotes About Infidelity Cheating Spouses and Unfaithfulness

Way Back Then

A furious 99 year old Italian man is divorcing his wife of 77 years after he discovered she had an affair more than 60 years ago. Jealous father-of-five Antonio saw red after he discovered dust covered romantic letters from his wife to her secret lover during a clear out of their apartment in Rome. The couple had tied the knot in Naples in 1934, where Antonio had met Rosa after he had been sent there to serve in the carabinieri paramilitary police but she had had an affair with her unidentified lover ten years later, keeping the secret to herself until now. Lawyer Anna Orecchioni said: 'The husband decided to file for divorce after finding the love letters.

Infidelity or Food

Survey of Italians found they felt guiltier about over eating than about cheating on their partners ...

Marry Your Mistress

When you marry your mistress you create a job vacancy

A Neon Sign Advertising Infidelity

A French pet shop owner was so incensed to find out that his wife had begun an affair with her bank manager that he denounced him with a neon sign. "Gentlemen Beware - if your wife has an account at ( ) bank, Patrick Chopin will take an interest not just in her money but also in her intimate life. Perhaps he is already on the job."

Options For Infidelity

As Chris Rock has said, "A man is only as faithful as his options." And when you're the alpha male winner with gobs of money and decent looks, you have a lot of options.

The Philosophy of Infidelity

Infidelity is a very messy hobby. It is not an effective way to find a new mate or a new life. It is not a safe treatment for depression, boredom, imperfect marriage, or inadequate gender splendor. And it certainly does not impress the rest of us. It does not work for women any better than it does for men. It does excite the senses and the imaginations of those who merely hear the tales of lives and deaths for love, who melt at the sound of liebestods or country songs of love gone wrong.

Attitudes to Infidelity

There is a substantial difference between what we say we should do and what we do. "Every study shows 85 percent of people or more saying that cheating is wrong in every instance, but people also feel that you should eat three nutritious meals a day low in sugar and high in calcium."

20 Affairs

New Zealand documentary - a Wanganui butcher - a really weedy little guy - admitted he'd had at least 20 affairs. Mostly the husbands drank (not a lot else to do in Wanganui, but provided the opportunity). But mainly he said, the women just wanted a sympathetic ear.

An old story

2000 year old joke recorded by Sophocles. King was touring his realm when spied a man who cd have been his twin. Arranges for man to be brought to see him. "Did your mother work in the royal household 40 years ago?" "No sire, but my father did.

Lonely (and Unfaithful) Cops

A dating expert has said that one of the reasons for the high rate of loneliness in police officers is infidelity. Kate Taylor believes it is easier for officers to unwind with one another, leading to break-ups at home. She said: "There is a high amount of infidelity within the police force, probably brought about by the constant strain of the job. It is easier to unwind with another police officer - perhaps a work colleague - because they have more of an insight into what you go through at work than someone outside."

Inuits really have a term that means Eskimo brother: "aipak", or "other me", describing a positive relationship with someone who has slept with his wife.

Men's and Women's Attitude to Infidelity

Most men feel more jealous if their partner actually having sex with someone else - most women say they'd be more jealous if their partner was having a deep emotional relationship with someone else. (Makes evolutionary sense - men can never be 100% sure of paternity, so particularly sensitive to signs of sexual infidelity; women have to worry more about long-term faithfulness - will he hang around long enough to raise the kids?)

Infidelity - the Blame

A 78-year-old Lynnwood woman is accused of beating her 84-year-old husband because she believes he cheated on her several times during their marriage. The Everett Herald reports she was arrested last month, charged Thursday with assault and remains jailed in Everett on $70,000 bail. Snohomish County prosecutors say she hit him with a bowl, pipe and carpet sweeper. He suffered broken ribs, pelvis and a wrist. One witness told police the woman admitted kicking her husband three times in the groin in the last six months because she believed he had an affair 35 years ago.

Check For Infidelity

"Checkmate" home testing kit - check any object for semen stains

Awkward ...

Female P.I. watched couple kissing passionately in car park, then trailed them to a nearby motel (but they gave up when no vacancies). She wrote a report for the man's wife (it was her second marriage and her first husband had done the same thing). The other woman was a family friend. So ---- the wife invited everyone to a dinner party, photocopied off the report and put a copy beside each plate (wouldn't you have liked to be a fly on the wall?)

Urban Legend Infidelity

Photo in paper of a little Cessna plane with whole back 'filletted' - everything from the cabin back neatly sliced through with a chainsaw slash every 6 inches. The accompanying story reckoned the flight instructor was having an affair with female student and her husband found out. Sadly, the truth was a lot more mundane.

Legal Side of Infidelity

In Hong Kong a betrayed wife can legally kill her husband, as long as she uses her bare hands (The husband's lover can be got rid of any way you like)

Infidelity - It Can Get Complicated

In Stuttgart, Germany, a court judge must decide on a case of honorable intentions in a situation where a man hired his neighbor to get his wife pregnant. It seems that Demetrius Soupolos, 29, and his former beauty queen wife, Traute, wanted a child badly, but Demetrius was told by a doctor that he was sterile. So, Soupolos, after calming his wife's protests, hired his neighbor, Frank Maus, 34, to impregnate her. Since Maus was already married and the father of two children, plus looked very much like Soupolos to boot, the plan seemed good. Soupolos paid Maus $2,500 for the job and for three evenings a week for the next six months, Maus tried desperately, a total of 72 different times, to impregnate Traute.

When his own wife objected, he explained, "I don't like this any more than you. I'm simply doing it for the money. Try and understand." When Traute failed to get pregnant after six months, however, Soupolos was not understanding and insisted that Maus have a medical examination, which he did. The doctor's announcement that Maus was also sterile shocked everyone except his wife, who was forced to confess that Maus was not the real father of their two children. Now Soupolos is suing Maus for breach of contract in an effort to get his money back, but Maus refuses to give it up because he said he did not guarantee conception, but only that he would give an honest effort.

Arrangements About Infidelity

Book excerpt (I've forgotten where it's from) "My wife and I have an arrangement" says the man sitting on the top stair. "That's what all married men say" says the girl. "This is different" says the man "My wife doesn't know about it."

Catching the Unfaithful

Valentines Day best time to catch out someone having an affair, because always feel compelled to spend some time with their lover.

The Nobel Prize Urban Legend About Infidelity

(Actually an urban legend, but it makes a good story) There is no Nobel Prize for mathematics because a prominent mathematician was exploring more than theoretical spaces with Mrs Nobel, and Alfred was furious.

Well if you're both planning on being unfaithful ...

Israeli couple divorcing after wife posted an ad in Lonely Hearts section of local newspaper, and her husband responded. (Yeah I know, just like that wretched Pina Colada song)


China's 'mistress dispellers' get rid of the 'little third'. For a woman, divorce is not a snsible option. A secondhand woman is like a used car - once it's been driven, its worth only a fraction of it's original price. A secondhand man, on the other hand, is like a renovated property - the value only increases.

The Therapist Talking About Infidelity

They tell me they have gone through all of this for a quick thrill or a furtive moment of romance. Sometimes they tell me they don't remember making the decision that tore apart their life: "It just happened." Sometimes they don't even know they are being unfaithful. (I tell them: "If you don't know whether what you are doing is an infidelity or not, ask your spouse.")

The Diary of Infidelity

Romanian woman filed for divorce after discovering her husband's secret diary, in which he had recorded nearly 10,000 bonks. She was unhappy about this because less than 3000 were with her.

Some Lighter Conversation Starters

For a husband, it's easier to keep the wolf from the door than the wife from the wolf

It's impossible to stop adultery - can't even make it unpopular

First she faked virginity, then faked orgasm, now she fakes fidelity

This guy is in bed with a woman he just met in a bar when she suddenly screams "Omigod, my husband!" He looks over his shoulder and sees one of the baddest motherfarker's he's ever seen standing there with a shotgun pointing at them.
"Alright, asshole," the husband growls. "You got 30 seconds to grab your clothes and get the fark out of here. Then I'm gonna spend the rest of the night screwing this biatch in the ass so hard the biatch won't be able to sit down for a week."
"Th-thanks...I'll be right out..." the guy stammers.
"Shut up. I wasn't talking to you."

Book Extracts on Infidelity