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Angry Wife

DJ in Birmingham who's wife heard him flirting with another woman on air, sold his 25,000 pound Lotus Esprit on eBay with a buy now price of 50p (he had put her name on insurance papers for insurance reasons). Took less than 5 minutes to sell. The DJ was quoted as being absolutely gutted

Jilted GF

A Canberra woman got a suspended sentence after dumping manure on a bride

Long Held Grudge

A South Korean man identified only as Kim, wanted in Seoul for murder, had a more enduring grudge. Police charged the 37-year-old man with the November slaying of his high school music teacher after stewing for 21 years over the teacher's 1987 accusation that Kim cheated in class

Jumping To Conclusions

A woman in Florida read a job vacancy ad that sounded exactly like her own, and listed her boss's phone number. So she went into the computer system of the architectural practice she worked for, and deleted all the drawings - around $2.5 million worth. Then it turned out the job was for his wife's company.

Jilted Lovers

Standard revenge tricks by jilted lovers - fish sown into curtains, pinch all the remote controls(esp the garage door ones), water the carpet and sprinkle with grass seed, slash roof of convertible and pour in the paint, disconnect the wastemaster drain

Divorce Settlement

Break-up revenge can be acrimonious, but seldom is it so well-thought out and executed. According to a thread on Reddit about break-ups the couple who owned the house got divorced and the wife got the house in the settlement. A neighbour explains: "Only the house and the immediate house lot, not the surrounding land, that went to the husband. The first thing he did was sell all the timber off the rest of the land. She went from living in a nice forest to living in a clear cut. Once the trees were gone he sold off the topsoil, then the gravel under that. By the time he was done her house was on a hill overlooking a barren landscape reminiscent of the lunar surface. This was years ago and the place is still hideous. Here's a Google Street View of the house."

Another spiteful divorce: Link

One-Legged BF

Woman who tried to kill her one-legged boyfriend by greasing wooden floor at top of stairs

website where can buy pubic lice


Astor built the first Astoria Hotel purely to spite his aunt - block her sun and commercialise her previously genteel neighbourhood.

Another spite house: Link

Noisy Neighbors

CD to blast back at neighbours at 7am after noisy party - tracks like Drill, Train, Drum, Doors Banging, Practicing Violin Scales, Newborn, Cock a Doodle Do


Guy jumped a long queue for a cable car to top of ski run, slotted his skis into side of the car and gave everyone a cheery wave. Just as car started to move, one of queuers stepped forward, took guy's skis out of rack, and returned the wave.

Prank Your Enemies

the surprising success of "Ship Your Enemies Glitter," in which, for about $10, the startup sends an envelope full of glitter that, when opened, scatters,irritating (or enraging) the recipient. The concept was an overnight sensation but quickly petered out and was seemingly worthless--until a prescient businessman offered $85,000 for its two assets: (1)a valuable list of customers who might buy similar pranks (such as a cupcake that's really horse manure) and (2) an opportunity at additional waves of customers newly discovering the original glitter product. The $85,000 purchaser now reports sales "in the high six figures."

Maybe You Should Just Move

The ongoing feud between two Warwick, R.I., households has intensified, according to an August complaint. Kathy Melker and Craig Fontaine charged that not only has neighbor Lynne Taylor been harassing them with verbal insults and threats but that Taylor has now taught her cockatoo to call Melker, on sight, a nasty epithet (which rhymes with "clucking bore"). "I'm 53 years old," said Melker, and I've never been called [that phrase] in my life."


A HEAVILY pregnant woman has put London commuters to shame by secretly filming those who failed to offer her their seats. After months of frustration at having to stand while she suffered morning sickness, swollen feet and fatigue, Miri Michaeli Schwartz started carrying a hidden camera so she could film the uncaring commuters. Just in case they failed to notice her condition, Schwartz also wore a badge announcing 'Baby on board'. "Now, from . . . 38 weeks of pregnancy, when there's absolutely no way to ignore my huge bump (with a cute little baby girl inside of it!), I can tell you - London Tube commuters just don't care," she wrote on Facebook. A video she posted shows men and women failing to give up their seats - even when passengers were sitting next to priority signs showing a picture of a pregnant woman.


The Romans, as every good schoolchild knows, loved to visit public bathhouses, and the best preserved example in Britain is in the city of Bath. Over 100 Roman curse tablets have been discovered on the site, an amusing number of of which demand retribution for the the theft of personal items while their owners were enjoying a soak.

Angry Daughter

Article about an angry daughter who wrote her mother a letter to boast that she was having an affair with one of her old lovers, who she'd tracked down specially for the purpose

Little Daughter

Little girl put in wardrobe as punishment - mother says "What are you doing in there?" - "I'm spitting on all your clothes" "I can't hear anything" "I'm waiting for more spit"

Greeting Cards

New line of greeting cards for jilted lovers - various stages of abuse from a 'polite' message - "All the world's a stage - time for you to make an exit" to the one with pop-up extended digit with the message "And I mean that sincerely" The woman who started the line reckoned she was only catering to women because men never care enough to buy card, address envelope and find a stamp etc

Sends a bag of edible penis shaped gummy candies with a note saying "Eat a bag of dicks". They also do a candle that starts out smelling like apple pie, but within a few hours changes to fart smell. You can send it with the dicks, with the accompanying message "Sorry about the dicks, please accept this candle as an apology". Mwaha. Mwahahaha.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. You can send an empty envelope, or a box filled with just packing peanuts. As they so eloquently put it: "Nothing is MORE EXCITING than walking to the mailbox and pulling out an envelope (or box) with your name and address HAND-WRITTEN on it!And nothing is more disappointing, confusing, frustrating and possibly scary (in that order) than opening that envelope to find... absolutely nothing"

A site full of potential. Everything from dead roses to dead fish. My personal favourite is the Box of Melted Chocolates. Imagine the tears. The devastation. and

Both send shit in the post, in case you hadn't caught on. allow you to chose which animal provides the poop, in case that's of burning importance to you.


don't torture yourself Gomez, that's my job

if thine enemy offend thee, buy his child a drum

you'll never get her back, or any other part of her either


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