Gay Marriage

"Gays are bullying us ..."

The Christian Right has been the bully of the policy playground for at least four decades, focusing its ire directly on the gay kids who were in no position to fight back. Now that those kids have grown stronger, and now that the other kids have stopped being mere bystanders to the injustice, the bully is shocked that anyone could say such mean things about him, that anyone would accuse him of hate (of all things!), that everyone now seems to be standing beside his victims.


Mormons have been where the Christian Right is collectively right now: we staked much of our political and personal identity and capital on a fight over the definition of marriage. We could see we were losing; we retrenched; we lost decisively. We sulked about it for a really long time, and now we just wish the whole sordid past could go away and stop haunting us.

And then we managed not to learn anything from our mistake and did the same basic thing again a century or so later, but this time, we got a whole bunch of other people to join us.

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