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(more from R.Crumb Book of Genesis Illustrated)

In September, the Seattle-based Mars Hill "megachurch" announced it would close several branches as founding preacher Mark Driscoll takes personal leave to contemplate over-the-top messages in past sermons about women. Among the most striking statements (as gathered by the "Wenatchee the Hatchet" blog in Wenatchee, Wash.) were those expressing certainty that women exist solely to support men. A man's "penis is not your [personal] penis," he told men. "Ultimately, God created you, and it is his penis." "Knowing that his penis would need a home . . . God created a woman [who] makes a very nice home." Driscoll added, helpfully, "But, though you may believe your hand is shaped like a home, it is not."

(And of course The Onion has covered this Local Teen Walks In On Family Masturbating)

Tales from the fertility clinic ....

The collection cups we have are 200mL containers. The average ejaculate is 2mL(a tablespoon). His sample was almost 30mL's. He had masturbated over a dozen times in the room, and once he had grown too sore he gave up and found us.

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